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  • The Teaching Tree

    Muhannad Shono

  • Roger Ballen

    Theatre of Apparitions 2022

  • Shakespeare Mas

    A reportage of the Shakespeare Mas, a very unique form of carnival that takes place on the small island of Carriacou, WI.

  • Seamless

      A scroll book made for the Burning Man – I, Robot 2018.The book is collage o hundreds of pictures taken throughout the event, in different daytimes and spaces and edited in a single seamless panorama.

  • Compass and cardinal rose

    An activity to teach 4-6th grade students compass and cardinal directions as part of NatGeo Educational program.

  • Tower Estate

    The Tower Estate in Grenada W.I. grows some of the world’s most incredible plants and flowers.

  • Portraits from Incroci

    Incroci di Civiltà is a Literature Festival promoted by the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, the Venice Foundation, the Municipality of Venice, with the partnership of the BAUERsVenezia, the Fondazione Musei Civici Venezia and Marsilio. During the festival authors from many different countries gather together in Venice, where they shared their personal visions of the world with an enthusiastic audience of passionate readers.

  • Video Reel

    A quick selection of recent projects.

  • Water Jam

    Sometimes referred to as a Fluxbox, this artist’s book by George Brecht contains a large number of small printed cards with instructions known as event-scores. Courtesy Fondazione Bonotto.

  • John Giorno

    An excerpt from an interview took Artists Need to Create on the Same Scale that Society has the Capacity to Destroy: Mare Nostrum.